Children’s Books

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when I’m at events is, “What is the age range for these books?” Rose of Petrichoria and Faith in Concordia are aimed at young adults and teens, so I always tell them, “Thirteen, at the youngest because of some content.” Then, the child looks downtrodden and my heart hurts for them a bit. I understand their plight. Not only was I the same way as a child, but my own daughter has a higher reading level than her peers. It’s hard to find a book that she will be interested in that will also challenge her as a reader.

Never fear! One of my current projects is Mary’s Memoirs, a series about a ten-year-old mermaid from Aquantis, the underwater empire in Concordia. Mary is a smart girl who has some difficulties making friends because of her quirkiness. In these books, the reader will get Mary’s point-of-view as she goes through her schooling and explores the Torrid Sea province of Aquantis.

This will allow for kids to enjoy the world of Concordia with their parents, who may be reading the grown-up books, and get them excited for the day they can read the stories Mom or Dad love, too.

I am also very pleased to be partnering with Kris Lewis, who will be drawing the cover art for the books in this series.

The other book is called Bear’s lullaby, based on a lullaby I wrote for my daughter when I was still pregnant with her. It will likely be the only bedtime book I publish. The artist for this book was Shayne Hood, who did the work under commission back in 2011.

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