Hope in Concordia

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Hope in Concordia will be about a character we met in the Faith in Concordia series, Snowdrop. Her whole life, she has been mocked or shunned because of her exterior appearance and the mystery of her future magic, or if she will ever have magic at all. Solan, the brother of the Lord of Summer, and current scion of his court, has led the way in her persecution due to his bitterness with his brother for holding out on arranging a bonding contract for him because Lord Chaudin wants to wait to see how or if Snowdrop will Transition.

This all changes when the new High King Uriah abolishes forced contracts on females and gives them the autonomy to accept or reject proposals by males. Now that the responsibility to bond falls onto the shoulder of the sons and daughters of Concordia, rather than their parents, males are starting to actually pay attention to the blossoming Snowdrop.

The final year of schooling for Snowdrop and her peers will take place in the Winter Court, home to Jack, the second son of Winter, who has decided she is worth the time to pursue. In the last part of Winter, Snowdrop is due to Transition. Will she? If she does not, how will that affect her future? If she does, what will her magic be like? Who will succeed in capturing her heart?

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