Missing is Free for Five Days!

This week, Missing (Faith in Concordia Book 1) is FREE on Amazon for Kindle in anticipation of the Found coming out this Friday. Share the link on your social media and spread the word! Click the image below to get there.

Missing eBook Cover

Flack Friday: LipSense

LipSense is amazing. It’s a long lasting lip color that survives all kinds of things (even brushing teeth!) and doesn’t smear at all. Welcome home kisses? No worries about your color ending up on your hubby’s face. I stopped wearing bright colors when I got Invisalign because they would inevitably end up all over them. LipSense does not get on your teeth. You put on your color. Stick on a gloss for moisture. It doesn’t come off until you use the special remover. I highly recommend this product. If you go to my friend’s Facebook page, you can order from her. Click the picture below to get there.


WoD Wednesday: Debunk

Debunk: verb: To expose the sham or falseness of


It’s dark and no one knows where we are. I should never have argued with Nate over the stupid scary house at the end of the block. I know it’s haunted, even though he won’t admit it. Does it really matter if he believes me? Now, we’re hunched behind this bush and he’s trying to get me to go through the hole in the chain link fence so we can enter the creepy abode.

“Come on, Josh!” He walks to the fence.

“We should go back. This is a really bad plan.”

“No.” Nate stalks back. “I’m going to debunk this story your brother told you about this house. He just doesn’t want you going in.”

“Why would he do that? He has no reason to lie to me.”

Nate sighs long-sufferingly. “Because he’s your older brother. It’s what they do. I do things just to scare Lucy all the time.”

I frown at him. “That’s mean.”

“That’s the point! I can’t believe you really think his girlfriend and he went into the house one and were chased out by a glowing ghost! Did he even tell you why a ghost would be here?”

I shrug. “He’s not really the researching type.”

With a growl, Nate grabs my wrist and pulls me up and through the fence. As we approach the house, we see a dim light in one of the lower floor windows. Why is there a light in there? This house was condemned ages ago. The only reason it hasn’t been torn down yet is because there are other projects higher on the city’s priority list. At least, that’s what Mom says when she complains about the “eyesore of the neighborhood.”

Pulling Nate to a stop, I point at the window. “See? It’s glowing. That must be the ghost. Let’s go now.”

“No way! Let’s go look in.”

How can he be so fearless? Yanking me by the wrist, he strolls right up to the window and looks in. His eyes widen and a flush creeps up his face. What is he seeing? He turns around back to me, meets my eyes, then starts busting up laughing.

I hear a scream from inside and try to get out of Nate’s grip. Stomping resounds on the hollow wood floors and suddenly, I see my brother’s head in the window. Opening it, he glares at me.

“What are you doing here? I told you not to come here.”

I’m baffled. “What are you doing here? You said it was haunted!”

“James, who’s there?” a girly voice yells out.

Turning his head, he says, “It’s my brother and his dumb friend.”

“Hey! I’m not the one who believed the house was haunted!” Nate objects.

“Whatever. Get lost. This is the only place I can meet up with my girlfriend alone.”

“Is that what they’re calling it now?” Nate says. I have no idea what he’s talking about. “What if we tell your Mom and Dad what you’re up to?”

“You won’t.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask defiantly. Who is he to tell me what to do?

“Because to tell them, you would have to admit to sneaking out tonight. You would get in trouble, too.”

Well, crap.

“Bye kiddos.” He leaves the window and Nate and I stare at it for a couple minutes.

“Told you.”

“Shut up. Let’s get back to my house before Mom discovers us gone.”


Topic Tuesday: Exhaustion

Do you ever get so tired that it feels like nothing you do helps? Sleep doesn’t work. Coffee doesn’t work. Exercising doesn’t work. I get that. Normally, when I get that way, it’s because life is just too much at the moment. What do I do? Take a break and read. What about you? Do you ever get bone-tired?

Coffee Doesn't Work

Meme Monday: Screaming Mind

This is how I feel right now. Found will be ready by Monday for its Kindle release next Friday. The print version likely won’t be available until later this month. I’ll let you know.


Thankful Thursday: Julie Hauenstein

My mother-in-law has been a lifesaver and a great encouragement since the moment I met her. Not even kidding. The first thing she did was give me a big hug. That’s quite something for an introvert like me. She has been there through all the personal struggles my family has gone through over the last decade, and continues to be a support whenever she can. Thanks for all you do, Julie! You’re amazing!

Thankful Thursday Julie

WoD Wednesday: Dog Days

Sorry for the late post. I’m still feeling fatigued from my recent hospital stay. Hopefully, I can start feeling better soon.

Dog Days: noun 1: The hot sultry period of summer 2: A period of stagnation or inactivity

Dog Days

“I do not think this is what the humans mean by ‘dog days of summer,’ Lenat.” He sits and scratches his floppy ear with his hind leg. Darn fleas.

“Hush, Ganen. This is the best way to observe them. Stop scratching.” Lenat can’t handle the whining. Honestly. Did Ganen think he wanted to be prancing about as a little pomeranian? At least he got to be a airedale.

“Can’t. These Earth insects are eating me. It itches.”

Ganen rolls his eyes and scans the park. An elderly couple walks down a path holding hands and taking in the scenery. It really is sweet when mates can live so long. A little boy plays fetch with his actual dog. He can’t admit it out loud to Lenat because he’s the superior officer. They just have to do what they’re told.

“This is stupid,” Lenat complains again. Ganen rolls his eyes, but before he can say anything, a teenage human female approaches. She has her blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun, and her mother clearly never told her to not approach a strange dog. She pats Lenat on the head.

“Aren’t you just handsome,” she coos, then picks Ganen up, much to his horror. Lenat snorts in a dog laugh. “And you’re a pretty girl.” Can this get any worse?

“Bobby!” A tall boy around her age runs up behind her. Based on the fact they are wearing work out shorts and tanks, the “dogs” assume they are on a run. The boy stops and bends over with his hands on his knees. “Bobby. You can’t just walk up and touch a strange dog! They could have rabies or something.” At least the boy has some common sense.

“Vance, do you really think this pretty girl is going to hurt us?” She holds Ganen out to face Vance by under his front legs.

I will if you call me “pretty girl” one more time.

“She clearly belongs to someone. She’s groomed and fed.” Bobby scratches behind Lenat’s ear, causing him to appreciatively nuzzle into her hand. “And he’s just a good boy.”

“Bobby, they have no collars.”

She turns Ganen around so he is in her face and scrutinizes him. Her face scrunches up as she thinks. Ganen wonders if it hurts for her.

“Huh. I guess you’re right,” she mutters, then gasps. “Do you know what this means?!”

Vance’s eyes widen. “No. No way. Mom and Dad will not approve.”

What are they talking about?

“Yes, they will. We’ve been asking for dogs forever. We’re definitely old enough to take care of them. They’ll let us keep them.”

Lenat, the coward, runs away. “Wait!” Bobby shouts after him.

“Forget it, Bobby. They wouldn’t let us keep more than one anyway.” Vance sighs. “Fine. Let’s go see what they say.”

Ganen is officially freaking out as Bobby pulls him into her chest, cradling him like a baby. Stupid Lenat. Abandoning him like this. Hopefully he’s getting help. This can’t happen. It can’t.

As the teens turn down an alley, a brilliant blue beam surrounds Ganen, shocking them.

“What the what?” Bobby yells as Ganen disappears from her arms.

Reappearing in his actual form in a transport chamber in the mothership, Ganen walks to the closet to get dressed. Exiting the room, he’s unsurprised to see Lanet leaning against the wall with folded arms.

“I can’t believe you,” Ganen mumbles.

Lanet laughs and throws a friendly arm over his shoulders. “You were such a pretty girl.”

“Shut up.”

“Should we go report our findings, sir?”