The Talented Turtle Available For Pre-Order

In lieu of a Word of the Day Wednesday post today, I would like to announce that The Talented Turtle (Mary’s Memoirs Book 1) is now available for pre-order for Kindle. It will come out April 12, along with the print version of the book.

If you don’t know, Mary’s Memoirs is a children’s chapter book about mermaids in Aquantis, the mermaid empire of Concordia. My daughter, Mary, is in third grade, but has a higher reading level. I was finding it difficult to locate books for her that were challenging and appropriate, so I wrote one for her. There will be a few more, and I will be releasing one a year.

Click the image below to pre-order today. It is available for $.99, but will go up to $2.99 on April 12.

Talented Turtle eBook Cover

Nerdfaire and Resurrection

A couple announcements to make. First, due to Snowmageddon, Nerfaire has been rescheduled for March 2. I’ll have some new bookmarks with my fancy new logo on them!

Also, starting Monday, I’m going to begin posting regularly again. My darling husband was out of town the last three weeks and that always puts my life a little out of sorts.



Appearance Announcement

I am very excited to announce that I will have a table selling and signing my books at both Rose City Comic Con and Jet City Comic Show this year. Check out the Scheduled Appearances page for further information.

rccc jccc logos

Merry Christmas Announcement

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I’ve updated the Behind the Books portion of the site to reflect my works in progress. Currently, I’m working on a children’s chapter book featuring mermaids. The series will be called Mary’s Memoirs and one will be released every year.

I am very pleased to announce a collaboration with artist Kris Lewis, who will be doing the cover art for the series. She is fabulous and you should definitely check out her website, like her Facebook page, and follow her on Instagram.

This isn’t an image related to anything I’ve written or will write, but is a good example of her work. I’m very excited to work with her.
Kris Lewis Elf

Kept Released

Kept, the final book in the Faith in Concordia series, was released for Kindle on Friday. I’m still making some tweaks in the cover for the print copies, so it’s not available for print, yet, but it will be very soon. I hope you all enjoy the conclusion to the first part in the Concordia project! Click the image to purchase it now!

Kept eBook Cover

New Logo

In place of Meme Monday, I’m announcing the creation of my logo. I haven’t incorporated it into anything yet, but here it is! Also, I’ve opened Topic Tuesday suggestions on my Facebook page, so head on over there to tell me what you want me to write about.

White Against Black Logo

A Decision Is Made

There are still a few hours left, but I don’t anticipate it getting much different than the tie it’s been or a very close race. So, I’ve made a decision.

This is how it’s going to roll, folks. I’m going to do both. I know. Mind blown! I’ll release each project in series form first, then bring them together into a single omnibus at the end. Now, that will mean those who like it all at one time will have to wait to get the story, but when you get it, there will be a nice little conclusion at the end. This is going to be fun!

Epiphany Doctor

Delaying Release of Kept

This is my frustration face. Folks, I have been dealing with some major pain since July and it has hindered my ability to sit or do anything for a long time, which has also affected my motivation. Writing Kept is, therefore, taking longer than I anticipated. I want to give you a great read, not something rushed, so I’m pushing out the date to December 21. I’m so sorry to disappoint, but hopefully, the conclusion to the Faith in Concordia series will be worth the wait.