Flack Friday: New Page

Hey everyone! For Flack Friday today, I am announcing a new page on my site. There is now a “Places and Products I <3” part of my site where you can visit the same places online I like to shop and learn more about products I love to use. As I come across things I just can’t live without, I’ll add to it. Those will also coincide with future Flack Friday posts, so they won’t be every week, but only as I find wonderful new things to share with you. Click the picture below to visit the new page!


Flack Friday: LipSense

LipSense is amazing. It’s a long lasting lip color that survives all kinds of things (even brushing teeth!) and doesn’t smear at all. Welcome home kisses? No worries about your color ending up on your hubby’s face. I stopped wearing bright colors when I got Invisalign because they would inevitably end up all over them. LipSense does not get on your teeth. You put on your color. Stick on a gloss for moisture. It doesn’t come off until you use the special remover. I highly recommend this product. If you go to my friend’s Facebook page, you can order from her. Click the picture below to get there.


Flack Friday: Zenni Optical

Wearing glasses is a pain sometimes. Not because they don’t look amazing, but because of the hit they take on your wallet. Tired of spending over $100 for specs you’ll have to get replaced in a year or two? Zenni Optical is the answer. I have been using them for years and have never been disappointed. They have tons of styles to choose from, and you can even get inexpensive prescription sunglasses, too. Click the picture below to check them out.


Flack Friday: Torrid

Let’s be real, ladies. In the fashion world, I’m not really sure most places know what they’re doing when they design clothing for plus-sizes. Even at places like Macy’s or Nordstrom, I often find myself thinking, “Why would someone in a plus-size want to wear that? Heck, why would a regular-sized person want to wear that?”

If you’re above the average size, looking for nice, casual, or are a chic geek like me that likes pop culture, then look no further for your clothing and accessories than Torrid. This fabulous store has brick-and-mortar shops and a massive online store with sizes for as small as a 10 and as high as a 30.

Torrid stays with the current trend and manages to make it look good on any size. I highly recommend Torrid, where I do most of my own shopping for clothes.

Click the image below to check it out.

Torrid Storefront

Flack Friday: Espionage Cosmetics

Flack Friday! “Flack” was the word of the day on my calendar recently. It means “to provide publicity.” For the revamp of my blog, I decided to make Fridays the days that I tell you about a company or product I like to purchase or an author I like to read.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Espionage Cosmetics. They are a geek company located in Tacoma, but booming on the internet. At Emerald City Comicon a few years ago, I happened upon their little (at the time) booth and immediately fell in love with the business. Now, they are all over the place, featured on beauty and geek blogs alike, and their booth isn’t quite so little anymore.

While they gear to chic geeks, all of their products are beautiful. They have pressed color powders, lip blushes, other miscellaneous things that are being added all the time, but their name-to-fame are their NailedIt! nail wraps. If you know me at all personally, you know I’m obsessed with my nerd manicures. They are easy to apply and last for a really long time. Really. The only reason I change them is because I want a new style or my nails have grown out and they look a little silly with only part of my nail covered.

Customer service is unmatched with anyone else I’ve ever worked with in any industry. They care about their clients and frequent their social media with responses to many comments on their posts.

All that leads me to say that I highly recommend Espionage Cosmetics. If you love makeup and nails, this is the place to be. Click on their logo below to explore the glitterly geeky awesome sauce that is Espionage Cosmetics.

Espionage Logo