Thankful Thursday: Clear Roads


I am thankful that the roads are clear from Snowmageddon. By the time we ventured out on Sunday, I had been cooped up for about two weeks. Cabin fever anyone? I know the kids at my house were getting there with the number of snow days they had. At one point, a coat rack was put just outside the door leading to my area of the house. On it, Mary’s coat and hat were stored. I told everyone I kept thinking there was a person standing there, so the kids decided to take that statement and run with it. This was the result.


If I was paid a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “I’m bored” over the last few weeks, I would be able to buy myself a private island somewhere tropical. What finally worked was having Mary clean her room for ten minutes every time the words came out of her mouth.┬áIt wasn’t all bad, though. There were plenty of games played and fun was had. The kids spent a lot of time out in the snow with Nick and Emily. Trash talk was said over games of Dominos and Hand & Foot.

Dominos Snomageddon 2019

We still have quite a bit of icy snow out here, but the roads are clear and I am free to leave the house at a whim. So, that is what I’m thankful for today. What about you?

Thankful Thursday: My Valentine

I have already posted about my darling husband for a Thankful Thursday, but today is Valentine’s Day, so he warrants a repeat. He’s my biggest advocate (and investor) and knows exactly when I’ve been plopped in front of my screen writing for too long.

Nick Hauenstein, I love you. We’ve been together going on fourteen years and married for nearly twelve. You have been with me through some pretty garbage times, but we’ve had a lot of fantastic times, as well. I have an incredible amount of quirks that you handle on a daily basis and I appreciate you for that and everything else you do. Love love love!

Wedding Photo

Thankful Thursday: 2018 Event Coordinators

On this last Thankful Thursday, I would like to thank each of the events for hosting me this year. I had my first event back in May when I released the final book of the Rose of Petrichoria series and have had a blast introducing new people to my books. Without your help, I would not have met most of these wonderful readers. I look forward to meeting new people at events in 2019, too. I already have some lined up. Check out my Scheduled Appearances page to find out where I’ll be. Also, if you’re curious on where I’ve been this year, check out these links to the great groups I’ve worked with this year.


Thankful Thursday: Julie Hauenstein

My mother-in-law has been a lifesaver and a great encouragement since the moment I met her. Not even kidding. The first thing she did was give me a big hug. That’s quite something for an introvert like me. She has been there through all the personal struggles my family has gone through over the last decade, and continues to be a support whenever she can. Thanks for all you do, Julie! You’re amazing!

Thankful Thursday Julie

Thankful Thursday: Mary

My daughter is my joy. Beautiful and smart, she is constantly surprising me with how much she can do and the things she knows. When she started Kindergarten, I began writing my books. Even when I’m up late at night, she understands. She’s always proud to declare that her mommy is an author, and I am proud to declare that she is my daughter. Thank you, lovely girl.


Thankful Thursday: Mom

Today, I’m thankful for my mother. Yesterday would have been her 69th birthday. She was my best friend and greatest encouragement. I will always be grateful for everything she did for me, and the life she poured into me on a daily basis growing up.


Thankful Thursday: Lynnette Bonner

Today, I would like to thank Lynnette Bonner for being an incredible encouragement and invaluable advisor while I’ve been learning to walk in the independent author industry. Because she is a successful author herself, her opinion on my books and ideas have really mattered.

Thank you, Lynnette, for taking time out of your incredibly busy life to help me take my first steps out there in the world of writing and publishing myself.

Lynnette Bonner