Meme Monday: Mystery Orbs

What do you think this is about? What is happening to Faith in this scene?

On a side note, I’ll be super busy writing over the next few weeks, so I’ll likely only be posting Meme Mondays and WoD Wednesday, along with any news that may pop up. If I’m feeling a mental itch, I may post on other days, but only count on these for at least two weeks.


Meme Monday: Danger in Spring

Faith has received many warnings about the Dark Court. Suddenly, someone besides Cole is telling her to look out for herself in Spring. Do you think the High King will be able to determine a fair judgment with all the rumors mucking about? Read Found to find out and post your guesses here.

Beta Readers: No spoilers!

Thorne's Temper

Meme Monday: Dragons

I know some of you weren’t able to come to the online Facebook party for the release of Found, so I’m going to be sharing some of the memes I used for the event on Meme Mondays for a few weeks.

I have a thing about dragons. I love them. I would include them in every story I wrote if it made sense. What is your favorite fantasy creature?


Meme Monday: Screaming Mind

This is how I feel right now. Found will be ready by Monday for its Kindle release next Friday. The print version likely won’t be available until later this month. I’ll let you know.


Meme Monday: Unicorns, Kelpies, and Pegasi! Oh My!

Poor Faith just won’t get a break in Found. As she travels through the land of Concordia, she is faced with many different versions of the thing she is afraid of the most: horses. I will admit that this is based on my personal fear of the beasties. What are you afraid of?