Found Released on Friday

Found released on Friday and it was a lot of fun. I hosted an online release party on Facebook and gave away some great prizes. Missed it? No worries. There will be one for Kept, too. For now, click below and get your copy of Found today. I submitted the print version of the book, but it isn’t appearing yet on Amazon. It should show up soon, so keep checking in.

Found eBook Cover

Missing is Free for Five Days!

This week, Missing (Faith in Concordia Book 1) is FREE on Amazon for Kindle in anticipation of the Found coming out this Friday. Share the link on your social media and spread the word! Click the image below to get there.

Missing eBook Cover

Delaying Found

As I said yesterday, I’ve been in a writing desert for the last several months. What does that mean to you, dear readers? I know you’re on the edge of your seat, waiting for the next installment of the Faith in Concordia series, but I will not be able to hit my deadline of July 13. I have decided to push the release date out to August 17 and I am confident I can make that deadline.


Yesterday, I pounded out nearly 4,100 words, and I intend on putting my butt in my chair everyday to get this finished for you. I’m very sorry, but life got in the way, as it does with us mere mortals. I hope you still look forward to reading Found when it comes out in August.
I'm sorry

NaNo WriMo Release

Missing Pre-release Header Image


For NaNo WriMo 2017, I wrote the first book in a new series. The book is called “Missing” and it is the first book in the Faith in Concordia series. Each year, for NaNo WriMo, a new book in this series will be written and released January 1, so you have something fun to read on your day off. I hope you enjoy this first installment. Pre-order today!

One Month

Wow. I cannot believe that Forgotten has been out for a month now. I have some exciting news. If you are local and don’t want to wait for shipping, you can head on down to Uppercase Books and buy Forgotten in print there! Right now, there are only a few on their shelves, so you’d better hurry before they run out!

Uppercase Books

Price Change!

I have some awesome news. After a great deal of consideration, I’ve decided to lower the price of the Kindle versions of Forgotten and Remembered. Forgotten is now available for $4.99. Remembered is $2.99 if you pre-order. The day Remembered is released, the cost will go up to $4.99. If you know someone who was holding back because of cost, please tell them the news!

Click the image below to purchase the first two books in the Rose of Petrichoria series.


First 2 Books

One Week!

There’s only one week left until Forgotten is officially released to the public! I am very excited to share this story with everyone and hope you all love it as much as I loved writing it! Doing this independently of a publisher has been a bit difficult, but everything is finally ready and waiting for release! I ordered a print copy for myself to make sure everything looks perfect and it will be here Tuesday. If it looks good, I’ll post a picture of it! If you’re psyched, let me know!