Meme Monday: Unicorns, Kelpies, and Pegasi! Oh My!

Poor Faith just won’t get a break in Found. As she travels through the land of Concordia, she is faced with many different versions of the thing she is afraid of the most: horses. I will admit that this is based on my personal fear of the beasties. What are you afraid of?


Flack Friday: Zenni Optical

Wearing glasses is a pain sometimes. Not because they don’t look amazing, but because of the hit they take on your wallet. Tired of spending over $100 for specs you’ll have to get replaced in a year or two? Zenni Optical is the answer. I have been using them for years and have never been disappointed. They have tons of styles to choose from, and you can even get inexpensive prescription sunglasses, too. Click the picture below to check them out.


Thankful Thursday: Mary

My daughter is my joy. Beautiful and smart, she is constantly surprising me with how much she can do and the things she knows. When she started Kindergarten, I began writing my books. Even when I’m up late at night, she understands. She’s always proud to declare that her mommy is an author, and I am proud to declare that she is my daughter. Thank you, lovely girl.


WoD Wednesday: Disremember

Disremember: verb: Forget

Sorry this is late. Life got in the way of blogging yesterday.




“Lauren, the frog. Don’t you remember?”

“No. I don’t think it actually happened.”

“When we were five, you totally ate that little frog whole.”

“That’s gross. And it never happened, Garrett.”

“It did. So I don’t know why you’re opposed to the idea of people eating frog legs.”

“It didn’t. And that’s because it’s disgusting.”

“The frog was small. It only took a swallow. Like taking a pill.”

“Stop gaslighting me.”

“It’s not my fault you disremember it. I can’t believe you have, though. You threw up for days. I was really worried about you.”

“Did that actually happen?”


“You brat.”

“Love you, sister.”

“Love you, too, brother.”

Tiny Frog

Topic Tuesday: Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. We all have our favorite things.

When you’re feeling down or stressed, what do you reach out for? What do you do? For me, it’s my family, my cat, Doctor Who, a good book, or just take a nap.

Are there things that automatically bring a smile to your face? The new Marvel movie coming out? Kitten pictures? Your child randomly using an advanced vocabulary word? Maybe that one is just me.

I’m curious. What are your favorite things?

whiskers on kittens

Not Gone

My presence on the interwebs has not ended. Last week, I was on vacation, came home sick, then someone crashed into my parked car (I wasn’t in it). Taking care of some things, then will be back next week.

Thankful Thursday: Mom

Today, I’m thankful for my mother. Yesterday would have been her 69th birthday. She was my best friend and greatest encouragement. I will always be grateful for everything she did for me, and the life she poured into me on a daily basis growing up.


Belated WoD Wednesday: Rhadamanthine

Rhadamanthine: adj, rigorously strict or just.

Fascinating fact: Rhadamanthus (who the word is fashioned after) was one of the judges of the underworld in Greek mythology. He was known for being inflexible when passing judgment.


I sit on the couch fidgeting with my fingers. I know I’m late. I’m a lot late. And it’s caused another argument between Mom and Dad.

“It’s not like she was out doing drugs, Garrett! She was doing homework in the library. I don’t think you need to be so rhadamanthine on her for being home an hour past curfew.”

“A rule is a rule Hailie. If we don’t punish her for this, it will set a precedent for future behavior.”

Sigh. Curse Jamie for showing up and distracting me for so long. She can be such a pain sometimes. If she spent more time studying and less time dating, she wouldn’t have the problems she does.

When she showed up, she asked for help on her geometry homework. I was trying to write a research paper for biology, but invited her to my table anyway. Halfway through my explanation of how to get the volume of a hexagon, she starts in on her boy problems.

Come on. She brought it on herself. I mean, what did she expect when she’s dating three guys at one time with none of them knowing about it? Lionel took her to see Jurassic World, which would have been no problem if Victor didn’t decide to show up to exact same showing. He apparently didn’t say anything, hoping she was just out with a friend.

Then Lionel kissed her and all heck broke loose. He jumped out of his seat and started yelling at her. Not wanting to deal with it, she ran. Serendipitously, the third boy she’s dating, Darren, was walking past the theater when she ran out. Needless to say, all the boys know now, and none of them want her anymore.

“We can’t discipline her for studying. That doesn’t even make sense!” Mom shouts.

Dad walks in the room, giving me the look of disapproval. “I hate doing this. It’s my least favorite part of being a parent, but I can’t be lenient with you. Maybe if you would have called to let us know you were going to be late, we could have gone easier on you. It isn’t safe for you to be out alone past 11:00. You’re a teenage girl. I never want this to happen again, so for the next month, you will not be going anywhere in the evenings unless it is with us.”

Great. Thanks, Jamie.

Topic Tuesday: Being Busy

Ever notice how right before you leave for vacation, a million million things pop up that you have to take care of RIGHT NOW? But-But-But I still haven’t packed! I need to finish this draft and get it out to my beta readers. Gah! What about you? Ever feel so busy, you just might lost it a little? Or a lot?

Busy Cat