The Talented Turtle Releases Tomorrow

The Talented Turtle comes out tomorrow! Today is the last day to get it for Kindle for $.99. The price will go up to $2.99 tomorrow. It will also be available for print on Amazon for $7.99 or $6 if you buy it at one of my events.
Your first opportunity to purchase The Talented Turtle in person will be the weekend of April 26. I’ll be at Just Between Friends at the Skagit County Fairgrounds and will have copies available for purchase.
Click the image to go to the Amazon page and check it out.

Meme Monday: Magic of Music

The Talented Turtle comes out this Friday! Click the meme to pre-order the Kindle version. Print will be made available to order on release day and I will have it later this month at Just Between Friends at the Skagit County Fairground April 26-28.

Magic of Music

WoD Wednesday: Abject

Abject: Adjective: (Of something bad) Experienced or present to the maximum degree

Continuation of Ineffable, Abecedarian, and Esoteric



Upon opening my eyes, the circle of people around me begins to whisper and murmur to each other. For each man, there is a colorful woman. Green, purple, blue, and yellow shimmering women with hair the color of obsidian and glittering as if sprinkled with miniature stars. They are ethereally lovely. One of them said something about me having to adjust to my new life like they did. Do I now look as beautiful as they do?

A black semi-circle sofa surrounds Tristan and me, and seats the many people who seemingly decided to come here for my hatching. My shell lay in sparkling shards around me. It concerns me that I can think so calmly about the fact that I just hatched from an egg. How did I get in there in the first place? Oh my goodness. Did I turn into a puddle of goo, then reform the way caterpillars do in a cocoon?

The idea that I liquified at some point fills me with abject horror, causing my stomach to churn. Closing my eyes, I tuck my head into the chest of my kidnapper to bring my emotions under control. By all appearances, my life has been irreparably altered. Not only have I been transformed into some kind of rainbow girl, but I have no idea where I am. As unlikely as everything else has been up to this point, I could be in another dimension or in an alien mothership orbiting around earth. I’m not sure which would be worse.

“You said we could leave if I opened my eyes,” I whisper.

The room hushes as Tristen regains his composure and strokes my hair, cooing soothing sounds into my ear. He lifts up on his feet, not losing his balance for even a moment, then I feel him swiftly move out of the room. The conversation starts again behind us, but I still can’t make anything they’re saying out in detail. I hear something about my eyes being unusual, wondering about my element, how well Tristan did in his selection.

Whirring and mechanical shushing sounds, then we’re in complete silence. Gently, he lays me down on what I suppose must be a bed, then he covers me with a blanket so warm, it feels like it just came from the dryer. Next to me, the bed dips, and he takes one of my hands in his.

“You can open your eyes again now. It’s just us,” Tristan assures me.

He gasps when I blink my eyes open, leaning in to get a closer look. His empty hand reaches out to stroke my cheek, but I flinch away. Curling his fingers into his palm, he brings his hand back to his side and sits up straight. Deep blue eyes examine every inch of my face before he nods decidedly and hands me a mirror from a side table.

With a shaking hand, I bring the reflective glass up to see what I am now. Much like the other women, I am unrealistically gorgeous, but I also still look like me, somehow. My hair is the same color as theirs, but my skin is a shimmering shade of pink somewhere between peach and coral. Unlike the monochromatic colors of everyone else I saw, though, my eyes are every color I can imagine. This must be what threw everyone off.

Setting the mirror down, I look up at Tristan, who is a mixture of proud and apologetic in expression. Why did he bring me here? No. I don’t think I really need to ask that question. It is quite clear he means to make me his in an unknown way and this transformation was necessary for some unknown reason. He’s brought me to an unknown location and it’s unknown how long I have been here. There are too many things I don’t know.

“I think you owe me quite a few explanations,” I say to him in a cool voice.

To Be Continued…

Proof Received

Obviously, yesterday’s post was an April Fool’s prank. This is an image of my daughter with the actual proof of The Talented Turtle, which I received yesterday. I will have physical copies for sale later this month at the Mt. Vernon Just Between Friends sale at the Skagit County Fairgrounds on April 26-28. If you can’t make it, they will also be for sale online starting April 12.


New Cover

In lieu of Meme Monday, I am making a very exciting announcement. I’ve decided that my drawing will be used as the new cover for The Talented Turtle. I’ll just scan it and go from there. I’m so excited!


Topic Tuesday: Be The Best You

Be The Best You.jpg

Isn’t this something we struggle with our whole lives? From the moment we begin interacting with others, we have to deal with their expectations. If we don’t meet those expectations, then watch out. Rejection. Bullying. Aversion. Topic of Gossip.

I wish that I could have embraced myself years ago. So much heartache could have been avoided. Did everyone like me when I was in school? No. Did I have at least one or two friends? Yes. Did my family like me? When I wasn’t being a sassy little brat, yes. Did they love me? Always. That’s really what counts.

Mary is in the third grade and 8-years-old. One of the biggest things I’ve been trying to get her to believe is that she is awesome. It doesn’t matter if that little boy called her an idiot or if they claimed something ridiculous about her so that she would be laughed at. She has a few friends who know her and love her for who she is.

She often hears me saying, “You are the only one who can allow you to be offended.” When you give that person the ability to hurt your feeling by simply using their words, you’re giving them too much power over you.

So be weird, if that’s who you are. The ones who love you will love you either despite of that fact, or because of it.