WotD Wednesday: Miasma

Word of the Day Wednesday: Where I take the word of the day from my calendar and create a Concise Creation (Poem, Song, Flash Fiction, True Story) based off of it.

Today’s Word: Miasma-1. A vaporous exhalation or emanation 2. An atmosphere that depletes, corrupts, or obscures

Though the path before me is straight,
A miasma of doubt obscures my vision.
To my left is temptation.
To my right is pride.
Ahead of me is sacrifice of everything I am
But the reward is everything good and whole.

Temptation to gossip about the fools around me.
Temptation to judge based on appearances.
Temptation to speak the evil my tongue wishes to unleash.

Pride in my abilities and intelligence.
Pride that I do the right thing.
Pride that I would never do what they do.

Sacrifice my selfish constitutions.
Sacrifice the feckless notion that I can do no wrong.
Sacrifice the pedestal I have placed myself upon.

Ahead is freedom.
Ahead is love.
Ahead is peace.

The miasma clears.
I no longer have doubt about what I need to do.

Miasma photo

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