Meme Monday: Attachment Issues

In Missing, Faith has moved around so much in her childhood, that she refuses to allow herself to get attached to people. The instability of her life made her wary of people, believing they would always let her down. That makes for a very lonely life. When you’re alone, all kinds of yuck can consume you. Bitterness, anger, and pride, just to name a few.

I wasn’t a foster child, but I did move around a lot, being an Air Force brat. My family, specifically my mother, was always a constant. Even when I had difficulty making friends, they were there. Faith didn’t have that.

What I’ve learned is that even though people let you down, you still have to try. We weren’t made to be alone all the time, much to my introverted personality’s chagrin. So don’t live by Faith’s number one rule: Don’t get attached.

Don't get attached


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