Topic Tuesday: Snow in Western Washington

Don’t think we can’t hear you laughing your butts off at us for declaring what we have right now “Snowmaggedon”. I thought I would write a little snippet explaining the apparent overreaction to the snow we’ve had over the last couple weeks. We aren’t afraid of snow. That’s just silly. One problem is that we get so little of it, our DOT is never quite prepared for it.

This is a major highway just last night. If this is what high-traveled roads look like, can you imagine what our rural roads are like? Nick saw a picture of a snow plow in a ditch because they couldn’t figure out where the road is. I couldn’t find it to post here, but it is out there on the interwebs.

Another problem is that since we don’t get snow very often, driving in it is a challenge for one of two reasons, especially when it dumps so fast. Either people get overconfident and drive as fast as they want despite the road conditions or they drive vehicles without proper tires or drive train for the weather. There are those, of course, who do know how to drive in the snow and are prepared for it, but there are also a large number of people who fall into the unprepared categories. Better to be like me. I know I suck at snow driving, so I stay home

All in one weekend

The combination of the two above problems creates the final problem. Deliveries cannot be made to stores or homes. Several people in my news feed have posted pictures of empty shelves at their local grocer. I have packages undeliverable because of undrivable roads and my house is a freaking winter wonderland right now.

See how the cars outside of the carport are literally buried? There’s even a layer in the carport.

In conclusion, cut us Northwesterners a little slack. This weather is unusual for us. We’re doing our best and trying to make light of it with fun little memes, when really we’re crying inside because our kids are home from school again and on the verge of going feral.

Bob Ross Snow in Washington


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