Thankful Thursday: Clear Roads


I am thankful that the roads are clear from Snowmageddon. By the time we ventured out on Sunday, I had been cooped up for about two weeks. Cabin fever anyone? I know the kids at my house were getting there with the number of snow days they had. At one point, a coat rack was put just outside the door leading to my area of the house. On it, Mary’s coat and hat were stored. I told everyone I kept thinking there was a person standing there, so the kids decided to take that statement and run with it. This was the result.


If I was paid a dollar for every time I heard the phrase “I’m bored” over the last few weeks, I would be able to buy myself a private island somewhere tropical. What finally worked was having Mary clean her room for ten minutes every time the words came out of her mouth. It wasn’t all bad, though. There were plenty of games played and fun was had. The kids spent a lot of time out in the snow with Nick and Emily. Trash talk was said over games of Dominos and Hand & Foot.

Dominos Snomageddon 2019

We still have quite a bit of icy snow out here, but the roads are clear and I am free to leave the house at a whim. So, that is what I’m thankful for today. What about you?

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