WoD Wednesday: Esoteric

Esoteric: Adjective: Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

Continuation of Ineffable and Abecedarian



When the fog clears, I’m still sitting on a soft, spongy substance that I would rather not try to identify, considering I just hatched from an egg, of all things. Like a newborn babe, my vision is blurred for anything further than my own hand. The light reflecting on the glittering shards of shell is blinding, so I blink several times before finally deciding to just close my eyes.

“Stunning,” a female voice says, surprising me.

When I burst out, I expected my kidnapper and the older male to be present, but I had yet to meet anyone else. I have no idea how long I was kept unconscious before somehow ending up in an egg, or how long I was in the egg when I got there. Something tells me the whole process is esoteric, and I will never know how everything came to be.

“She truly is. You made an excellent choice, Tristan,” another female says.

Tristan. That must be my kidnapper’s name. What is with everyone discussing his choice? Why did he choose me? And why didn’t I get a say in whether or not I wanted to do whatever it is they intend to do with me?

“Of course, because of her background, she’ll need to be trained,” an unknown male says.

“Yes. Etiquette, culture, history-” yet another female says, but is interrupted by Tristan.

“I know. I know. She’ll need to be trained in whichever element she has, as well.” There’s a pause, as if everyone is examining me. That’s when I realize I’m naked, so I quickly cover my private bits as much as I can. Everyone chuckles. “By her skin tone, I would say she’s either an earth or fire elemental.”

“Earth?” I’ve lost track of how many males and females are present at this point, but this is one of the females I’ve already heard. “Aren’t they usually green or some shade of brown?”

“You’ve still much to learn yourself, lovey,” a male voice says patronizingly. “Sometimes an earth elemental will take the shade of a blossom. The peachy tone of her skin could either be a shade of flame or petal. Time will only tell which she is.”

It’s starting to bother me that they’re all talking about me like I’m an object or not present. I’m becoming cold from the constant current of a breeze, which makes me think I could be outside. Even though I’m surrounded by people, I’m alone in whatever it is I’m going through. The mystery of what these people want with me is making me scared. The combination of feelings and climate cause me to shiver.

“Aw. The poor thing is cold. Tristan, give her the blanket,” one of the females says.

He’s had a blanket this whole time? Suddenly, a warm, soft blanket is draped over my shoulders. I grab for the edges and snuggle into it, not even caring how infantile it makes me appear. A hot sigh breathes against my hair as Tristan, I’m assuming, picks me up in his arms.

“Try opening your eyes again, sweetling,” he murmurs in my ear.

I shake my head.

“Come on,” he coos. “Let us all see those pretty eyes.”

I snuggle further into the blanket.

“We can see them properly later,” one of the ladies says. “She’s clearly uneasy with everything.”

“She needs to learn to accept her new life,” another woman says. “We all had to, at some point. It’s her turn. You’ve nothing to fear, girl. We’re all friends here, despite what you may think.”

“Just open your eyes and I’ll take you away from everyone, so you can have some time to recover and adjust,” Tristan says.

That sounds good. I’m sick of all these people. I would rather deal with the devil I know that the ones I don’t, even if I don’t know him well.

Everyone gasps when I open my eyes. While I still can’t see clearly, I can see a little better. What I see makes me lightheaded. The men all have what I would consider to me normal skin tones, but the women are every shade of the rainbow, glittering just as I am. Where am I?

To Be Continued…

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