Whoops! But Yay For You!

TIL that I cannot postpone the pre-order date for Bear’s Lullaby or I will be put in pre-order jail for a year. This messes up my release schedule in a special way for you because instead of having books come out spaced nice and evenly, there will now be one a month for the summer.

Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus – June 14
Bear’s Lullaby – July 19
Faith in Concordia Omnibus – August 16

On the other hand, this also means there will likely not be another release until either Anomalous or Mary’s Memoirs Book 2 comes out early 2020.

Sneak peek at the cover for Bear’s Lullaby! Note: I’ve changed the title since then.

Bear's Lullaby Cover Sneak Peek

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