Big Day!

It’s a big day, today everyone! I’m sitting on 179 downloads of Forgotten in my free promotion right now. It’s free through tomorrow, so don’t miss out on that. I’ve moved up to #19 in Top 100 Free Sci-Fi Romance and #21 in Top 100 Free Post-Apocalyptic.

Today, Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus is out for Kindle, so get yours. It’s at a great price of only $9.99 for all four books in the series, but I don’t know how long it will stay that inexpensive.

Also, I have a flash fiction story entitled “The Transfer” up on the Havok Magazine website today for free. Havok publishes a speculative fiction story on their site every day. My story will only be free to read today, so check it out.

Click the image of Forgotten to get your free copy on Kindle.

Click the image of Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus to purchase it on Kindle for only $9.99.

Click on the Havok logo to read The Transfer.

Forgotten Ebook Cover

ROP Omnibus Ebook Cover

Havok Image

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