What Could This Be?

Started putting together the Faith in Concordia Omnibus today. Fun thing about this series is that it’s short enough to have a print edition!

Havok and Setbacks and Bears, Oh My

For those of you who don’t know, June is an insane month for my family. We have nine birthdays, Father’s Day, and my wedding anniversary. During a normal June, I can still work through it and be productive. However, we added in a trip to the Oregon Coast at the end of the month to spread my mother’s ashes, which put me in a bit of a funk. The trip went well, but I needed a couple weeks to get my brain back into things.

That would be why there has been essentially no news from me here on the site, and why everything on my social media has been personal in nature. That changes today. I’m back and with some amazing news.

First, another one of my flash fiction stories has been accepted by Havok to be published on a Thursday in August. I don’t have the date yet, but when I do, I will let you know.

Also, this Friday, July 19, Bear’s Lullaby will finally be released. This is a project I have been sitting on since my daughter was born in 2010, when I composed the song. In 2011, I hired Shayne Hood through Elance (now Upwork) to draw pictures to go with the verses so I could put it into a bedtime book for my daughter.

Life happened.

Fast forward to this year. Faith in Concordia was a difficult project. Constructing a new world takes a lot of brainpower and time, and I gave myself some pretty crazy deadlines for publication during 2018. For that reason, I decided to take this year to really think through and write the next Concordia series. Meaning, there won’t be any big novel publications in 2019.

In April, The Talented Turtle was released. Now, Bear’s Lullaby is available for pre-order (for Kindle). It will be out for Kindle and paperback on Friday. At the end of the book, you will find sheet music for the melody. I really hope you guys like it.

Finally, Faith in Concordia Omnibus is being pushed out to October 18. I know, I know. Sad news, but there are two positives to this negative, so cheerio!

Click the image below to pre-order your digital copy of Bear’s Lullaby.

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On Goodreads

Guess what! I’ve had a Goodreads page for a while now, but I worked over the weekend to make it sparkly. Now, if someone asks if I’m on Goodreads, the answer is “yes!” Click the screenshot to go check it out.

On Goodreads

One More Day

Last day to get the first book in my Rose of Petrichoria series, Forgotten, free. If you enjoy it, I released an omnibus version of the series yesterday and the whole series is available on KU. There have been 220 downloads so far this week!
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Big Day!

It’s a big day, today everyone! I’m sitting on 179 downloads of Forgotten in my free promotion right now. It’s free through tomorrow, so don’t miss out on that. I’ve moved up to #19 in Top 100 Free Sci-Fi Romance and #21 in Top 100 Free Post-Apocalyptic.

Today, Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus is out for Kindle, so get yours. It’s at a great price of only $9.99 for all four books in the series, but I don’t know how long it will stay that inexpensive.

Also, I have a flash fiction story entitled “The Transfer” up on the Havok Magazine website today for free. Havok publishes a speculative fiction story on their site every day. My story will only be free to read today, so check it out.

Click the image of Forgotten to get your free copy on Kindle.

Click the image of Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus to purchase it on Kindle for only $9.99.

Click on the Havok logo to read The Transfer.

Forgotten Ebook Cover

ROP Omnibus Ebook Cover

Havok Image

Forgotten in Top 100 Free Science-Fiction Romance

The headline says it all! Screenshot. Had to blank out my line-mates because it’s erotica, which isn’t something I’m a proponent of. Make sure to share that Forgotten is free through Saturday! Click the image to get to the product page.

Top 100 Free Science-Fiction Romance 6.12.19


Forgotten Free Promotion

Friday, the Rose of Petrichoria Omnibus will be released for Kindle for the amazingly low (temporary) price of $9.99. In anticipation, Forgotten will be free from Tuesday-Saturday this week. If you have a friend or family member you would like to read the book, now is the time to refer them. Click the image of Forgotten to go to its Amazon page. Click on the image of the omnibus to pre-order it.

Forgotten Ebook Cover

ROP Omnibus Ebook Cover

Last Minute Event

Last minute event! With this weekend being canceled, I decided to see if there were any openings at the Snohomish Farmers Market. Guess what! Come on down. I’m in the same place as last week, between the tempting cherries and Grain.