Topic Tuesday: Hate

I really hate to hate someone. It actually takes quite a lot to get me to that point. Not only that, but hate does nothing to hurt the other person, it only eats at you until your hate has consumed so much of you, it alters who you are. Pretty soon, the hate of one person leads to the hate of someone else, which leads to the hate of someone else, and so on. You’re the one unhappy and suffering, while the other person is living on with their lives. Next thing you know, Anakin Skywalker has turned into Darth Vader, a completely different person than the annoying little kid with a podracer.

When I feel like I’m going in that direction, I take a few deep breaths and consider all these things. Do I really want to waste my time, my life on something as negative and poisonous as hate? No. There are much better things to do with my life.

What about you? How do you handle it when the temptation of hate enters into the fray?

Anakin Hate

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