WoD Wednesday: Pervade

Pervade: Verb: To become diffused throughout every part of


Before stepping inside, I brush a hand over the skirt of my TARDIS dress, smoothing out non-existent wrinkles. Relative to the amazing costumes I’ve seen over the years, it’s nothing fancy. Clearly, some people spend days, maybe even months, on their costumes for Emerald City Comicon. I don’t have the patience or skill to do such a thing, although I definitely would if I could.

My husband squeezes my hand in his, and I look up at him. Bless him. He’s dressed normally, just as he is every year, but isn’t embarrassed by my crazy attire. Noting the gentleman fully decked out in a fawn costume, I suppose he figures it could be worse. I smirk at him. My daughter tugs on my other hand, bouncing.

“Are you ready? I know it’s not SDCC, like you’ve always wanted, but this’ll be fun,” he says to me.

“It’ll be perfect.” I stand up on my tip-toes and kiss him on the cheek. “Now let’s go in and mingle with my people.”

He rolls his eyes at that.

Walking in, I’m overwhelmed at the number of people herding their way toward the escalators like cattle. So many conversations are going on in the room, that it creates the illusion of a roaring crowd. Excitement pervades the air and I breathe it in.

We ride several escalators before reaching the top level, where all the excitement is. Random bags of swag are shoved into our hands by minions and we step aside to flip through the schedule.

“What time is the autograph again?” he asks and I sigh in exasperation. The main reason we’re even here and he can’t remember one time.


“Oh. That’s a ways away. We have plenty of time.”

“We’ll want to get in line early.”

“No!” my daughter opposes loudly.

“Look, do you want to meet the Doctor?” I say.


“Then we’ll have to wait in line.”

“We can wander the Exhibit Hall until we have to go, though,” my husband cuts in.

As we stroll down the aisles of tables and booths, I barely pay attention. We’re going to have to walk through again later. None of that matters. I get to meet the Doctor today. It’s a couple minutes before I realize we’ve been stopped at the Tokidoki booth for minutes. My daughter has merchandise and is ready to check out. They give her a little hat and we take pictures of her wearing it.

“Do you want to find the Espionage Cosmetics booth?” He asks, trying to distract me from my nerves.

“No. I want to be able to take my time and enjoy it. Can we just head over?”

He looks at his watch. “It’s only 12:30.”

“12:30?! We have to go. Now!”

I yank them by their hands and they laugh at me. That’s okay. Let them laugh. We leave the building to go to the place we need to be. To avoid the soul crushing crowd around the main elevators, we sneak our way to the ones on the far end that hardly anyone ever uses.

Once we get on, we wait for our floor, only to realize that in all the hullaballoo, we forgot to hit the floor button and we zoom past it. Blushing I reach over and push the proper button, but we continue up to another floor.

When it opens, I suppress a fangirl squee. My daughter does not. The Doctor himself, smiles his toothy smile and steps in with a polite nod.

“You’re the Doctor,” she says.

“Yes, indeed,” he responds.

“Mommy and I have been watching all your episodes this week.”

He laughs. “Brilliant.”

She tugs on my hand. “Mommy. We don’t have to wait in line now! He can just sign while we’re on the elevator.”

My eyes widen in humiliation. “Oh. Honey. We’ll wait in line with everyone else.”

She pouts and the Doctor laughs again. “Here, come with me,” he says when we reach our floor. He takes us through a back entrance into the autograph room, then sends a minion to get a photo. Upon their return, the signs the photo to our names along with “Allons-y” in the corner of the page.

Bending down to her level, he hands the photo to my daughter.

“There. Now you don’t have to wait.”

“Thank you. You really didn’t have to do that,” I say.

“I know. I wanted to. You have a good day.”

With that, he parts the curtains separating us from the line and the room erupts in applause. Leaving the way we came in, my daughter looks up at me with wide eyes.

“Best. Con. Ever.”

Note: Total fiction. I did get to meet and obtain an autograph from David Tennant at ECCC this year, but it was no where near this personal. However, the autograph is real!



Belated WoD Wednesday: Obstinate

Life has been crazy, y’all. I know this is super late, but here it is.

Obstinate: Adjective: 1: Perversely adhering to an opinion, purpose, or course 2: Not easily overcome or removed


The dried leaves crackle and twigs snap beneath my Converse Chuck Taylors as I desperately try to keep up. Blisters and swollen ankles are in my near future. I should have listened when Betty told me I needed to wear different shoes, but she’s normally so clueless about everything. How was I supposed to know that hiking was something she does regularly? Besides, she made the suggestion with a cruel little smirk, so I thought she was just messing with me.

Better yet, I never should have come.

What did I do to deserve her being assigned as my roommate for my first year of college?

Her strawberry blonde ponytail swings from side-to-side as she follows her date closely. My own date is being courteous enough to walk with me, but I can tell he really doesn’t want to be walking as slow as we are.

“Maybe we should stop for a few minutes. Get some water into you,” Stone says.

“No…” Huff. “That’s okay…” Huff. “Don’t want to…” Huff. “Slow everyone down.”

What was I thinking when I agreed to this hike? I’m nowhere near in shape enough to do this.

“We’re going to stop for a few minutes!” Stone shouts ahead. “We’ll catch up!”

“Okay. See you at the top!” Betty shouts back in her southern drawl. She gives me an I-told-you-so look before turning away and pursuing her date onward.

“Here. Sit here.” Stone takes my clammy hand in his and tries to bring me over to a boulder.

“No. Really, I’m okay. Let’s keep going,” I respond. My breaths are coming easier now that we’ve stopped for a moment, but then I’m suddenly overcome with lightheadedness and sway.

Catching me before I fall, Stone says, “There’s no need to be obstinate about it. No shame in taking a little break.”

He helps me sit down, pulls my water bottle from my backpack, and hands it to me as he joins me. Telling myself I will only take a sip, I tip my head back to drink a little. The refreshing coolness sliding down my throat throws that out the window, bringing me to greedily chug at it.

“Take your time,” he laughs. “You don’t want to get sick.”

Embarrassed, I stop and close the lid. “Look. I’m really sorry about this. I’m sure being stuck with a slow-poke isn’t exactly what you imagined when you agreed to this blind-date. Hiking isn’t my normal thing and I should have known better than to agree to it.”

“Don’t apologize. It’s alright. Besides, sometimes I get so caught up in getting to the top, I forget to enjoy the journey up there. Your pace has helped me remember to take in the scenery instead of rush to the end.”

Is there a double-meaning there?

“Well, I wish I could enjoy the journey with you.” I glance up the trail. “How much further do we have?”

“Oh. It’s right around the bend up there.”

“What? Why did we stop, then? I could have made it a little farther before stopping.”

“I wanted to have a chance to get to know you better and figured this was the best way to separate from them. I don’t want to reach the end of this journey quite yet.” He winks at me.

Yup. Definitely a double-meaning.

“Well, I don’t mind sharing the scenery with you for a little while longer.”

Maybe it wasn’t so bad that I came after all.

forest floor

WoD Wednesday: Debunk

Debunk: verb: To expose the sham or falseness of


It’s dark and no one knows where we are. I should never have argued with Nate over the stupid scary house at the end of the block. I know it’s haunted, even though he won’t admit it. Does it really matter if he believes me? Now, we’re hunched behind this bush and he’s trying to get me to go through the hole in the chain link fence so we can enter the creepy abode.

“Come on, Josh!” He walks to the fence.

“We should go back. This is a really bad plan.”

“No.” Nate stalks back. “I’m going to debunk this story your brother told you about this house. He just doesn’t want you going in.”

“Why would he do that? He has no reason to lie to me.”

Nate sighs long-sufferingly. “Because he’s your older brother. It’s what they do. I do things just to scare Lucy all the time.”

I frown at him. “That’s mean.”

“That’s the point! I can’t believe you really think his girlfriend and he went into the house one and were chased out by a glowing ghost! Did he even tell you why a ghost would be here?”

I shrug. “He’s not really the researching type.”

With a growl, Nate grabs my wrist and pulls me up and through the fence. As we approach the house, we see a dim light in one of the lower floor windows. Why is there a light in there? This house was condemned ages ago. The only reason it hasn’t been torn down yet is because there are other projects higher on the city’s priority list. At least, that’s what Mom says when she complains about the “eyesore of the neighborhood.”

Pulling Nate to a stop, I point at the window. “See? It’s glowing. That must be the ghost. Let’s go now.”

“No way! Let’s go look in.”

How can he be so fearless? Yanking me by the wrist, he strolls right up to the window and looks in. His eyes widen and a flush creeps up his face. What is he seeing? He turns around back to me, meets my eyes, then starts busting up laughing.

I hear a scream from inside and try to get out of Nate’s grip. Stomping resounds on the hollow wood floors and suddenly, I see my brother’s head in the window. Opening it, he glares at me.

“What are you doing here? I told you not to come here.”

I’m baffled. “What are you doing here? You said it was haunted!”

“James, who’s there?” a girly voice yells out.

Turning his head, he says, “It’s my brother and his dumb friend.”

“Hey! I’m not the one who believed the house was haunted!” Nate objects.

“Whatever. Get lost. This is the only place I can meet up with my girlfriend alone.”

“Is that what they’re calling it now?” Nate says. I have no idea what he’s talking about. “What if we tell your Mom and Dad what you’re up to?”

“You won’t.”

“Why do you think that?” I ask defiantly. Who is he to tell me what to do?

“Because to tell them, you would have to admit to sneaking out tonight. You would get in trouble, too.”

Well, crap.

“Bye kiddos.” He leaves the window and Nate and I stare at it for a couple minutes.

“Told you.”

“Shut up. Let’s get back to my house before Mom discovers us gone.”


WoD Wednesday: Dog Days

Sorry for the late post. I’m still feeling fatigued from my recent hospital stay. Hopefully, I can start feeling better soon.

Dog Days: noun 1: The hot sultry period of summer 2: A period of stagnation or inactivity

Dog Days

“I do not think this is what the humans mean by ‘dog days of summer,’ Lenat.” He sits and scratches his floppy ear with his hind leg. Darn fleas.

“Hush, Ganen. This is the best way to observe them. Stop scratching.” Lenat can’t handle the whining. Honestly. Did Ganen think he wanted to be prancing about as a little pomeranian? At least he got to be a airedale.

“Can’t. These Earth insects are eating me. It itches.”

Ganen rolls his eyes and scans the park. An elderly couple walks down a path holding hands and taking in the scenery. It really is sweet when mates can live so long. A little boy plays fetch with his actual dog. He can’t admit it out loud to Lenat because he’s the superior officer. They just have to do what they’re told.

“This is stupid,” Lenat complains again. Ganen rolls his eyes, but before he can say anything, a teenage human female approaches. She has her blonde hair pulled up into a messy bun, and her mother clearly never told her to not approach a strange dog. She pats Lenat on the head.

“Aren’t you just handsome,” she coos, then picks Ganen up, much to his horror. Lenat snorts in a dog laugh. “And you’re a pretty girl.” Can this get any worse?

“Bobby!” A tall boy around her age runs up behind her. Based on the fact they are wearing work out shorts and tanks, the “dogs” assume they are on a run. The boy stops and bends over with his hands on his knees. “Bobby. You can’t just walk up and touch a strange dog! They could have rabies or something.” At least the boy has some common sense.

“Vance, do you really think this pretty girl is going to hurt us?” She holds Ganen out to face Vance by under his front legs.

I will if you call me “pretty girl” one more time.

“She clearly belongs to someone. She’s groomed and fed.” Bobby scratches behind Lenat’s ear, causing him to appreciatively nuzzle into her hand. “And he’s just a good boy.”

“Bobby, they have no collars.”

She turns Ganen around so he is in her face and scrutinizes him. Her face scrunches up as she thinks. Ganen wonders if it hurts for her.

“Huh. I guess you’re right,” she mutters, then gasps. “Do you know what this means?!”

Vance’s eyes widen. “No. No way. Mom and Dad will not approve.”

What are they talking about?

“Yes, they will. We’ve been asking for dogs forever. We’re definitely old enough to take care of them. They’ll let us keep them.”

Lenat, the coward, runs away. “Wait!” Bobby shouts after him.

“Forget it, Bobby. They wouldn’t let us keep more than one anyway.” Vance sighs. “Fine. Let’s go see what they say.”

Ganen is officially freaking out as Bobby pulls him into her chest, cradling him like a baby. Stupid Lenat. Abandoning him like this. Hopefully he’s getting help. This can’t happen. It can’t.

As the teens turn down an alley, a brilliant blue beam surrounds Ganen, shocking them.

“What the what?” Bobby yells as Ganen disappears from her arms.

Reappearing in his actual form in a transport chamber in the mothership, Ganen walks to the closet to get dressed. Exiting the room, he’s unsurprised to see Lanet leaning against the wall with folded arms.

“I can’t believe you,” Ganen mumbles.

Lanet laughs and throws a friendly arm over his shoulders. “You were such a pretty girl.”

“Shut up.”

“Should we go report our findings, sir?”



WoD Wednesday: Erudite

Late again. I’m so sorry. I’ve been in the hospital without access to my computer. My lovely mother-in-law, Julie, brought it to me so I could write this up. I don’t know how good it will be. Yay painkillers!

Erudite: Adjective: possessing or displaying extensive knowledge acquired chiefly from books: learned.


Roommates say, “good night.”
I study alone by candlelight
While they go to bed and their dreams take flight.
Other times they go out to fulfil their appetites
As I compose essays, so erudite.
What a plight.
To become a socialite
Or an academic acolyte?
Balance, why are you out of sight?


WoD Wednesday: Disremember

Disremember: verb: Forget

Sorry this is late. Life got in the way of blogging yesterday.




“Lauren, the frog. Don’t you remember?”

“No. I don’t think it actually happened.”

“When we were five, you totally ate that little frog whole.”

“That’s gross. And it never happened, Garrett.”

“It did. So I don’t know why you’re opposed to the idea of people eating frog legs.”

“It didn’t. And that’s because it’s disgusting.”

“The frog was small. It only took a swallow. Like taking a pill.”

“Stop gaslighting me.”

“It’s not my fault you disremember it. I can’t believe you have, though. You threw up for days. I was really worried about you.”

“Did that actually happen?”


“You brat.”

“Love you, sister.”

“Love you, too, brother.”

Tiny Frog

Belated WoD Wednesday: Rhadamanthine

Rhadamanthine: adj, rigorously strict or just.

Fascinating fact: Rhadamanthus (who the word is fashioned after) was one of the judges of the underworld in Greek mythology. He was known for being inflexible when passing judgment.


I sit on the couch fidgeting with my fingers. I know I’m late. I’m a lot late. And it’s caused another argument between Mom and Dad.

“It’s not like she was out doing drugs, Garrett! She was doing homework in the library. I don’t think you need to be so rhadamanthine on her for being home an hour past curfew.”

“A rule is a rule Hailie. If we don’t punish her for this, it will set a precedent for future behavior.”

Sigh. Curse Jamie for showing up and distracting me for so long. She can be such a pain sometimes. If she spent more time studying and less time dating, she wouldn’t have the problems she does.

When she showed up, she asked for help on her geometry homework. I was trying to write a research paper for biology, but invited her to my table anyway. Halfway through my explanation of how to get the volume of a hexagon, she starts in on her boy problems.

Come on. She brought it on herself. I mean, what did she expect when she’s dating three guys at one time with none of them knowing about it? Lionel took her to see Jurassic World, which would have been no problem if Victor didn’t decide to show up to exact same showing. He apparently didn’t say anything, hoping she was just out with a friend.

Then Lionel kissed her and all heck broke loose. He jumped out of his seat and started yelling at her. Not wanting to deal with it, she ran. Serendipitously, the third boy she’s dating, Darren, was walking past the theater when she ran out. Needless to say, all the boys know now, and none of them want her anymore.

“We can’t discipline her for studying. That doesn’t even make sense!” Mom shouts.

Dad walks in the room, giving me the look of disapproval. “I hate doing this. It’s my least favorite part of being a parent, but I can’t be lenient with you. Maybe if you would have called to let us know you were going to be late, we could have gone easier on you. It isn’t safe for you to be out alone past 11:00. You’re a teenage girl. I never want this to happen again, so for the next month, you will not be going anywhere in the evenings unless it is with us.”

Great. Thanks, Jamie.

WoD Wednesday: Carpaccio

Carpaccio: noun: thinly sliced raw meat or fish served with a sauce often used postpositively

My headband is soaked with sweat. I’m glad I’m wearing it. Chef is so particular about things and has assigned me the task of cutting the steak for the carpaccio.

Today, it seems like everything I do is wrong. The pasta was cooked, but overdone. The marinara tasted good to me, but I apparently forgot the oregano. I hope it doesn’t cause me to lose my job.

Honestly, I’m usually very dependable. I’ve been working at Olivia’s Ristorante for nine months and have never had a day like this. Something is off in me today, and I know what it is.

Eric, my five-year-old son, had a rough night. He’s caught some bug from school that caused him to vomit in his bed. Then, he threw up on the carpet on the way to the bathroom. After an hour, and setting a large bowl next to him just-in-case, I finally got back to bed at 2:00 AM. Who can get back to sleep when all that just happened? Not me. I ended up tossing and turning for the rest of the night. Motherhood is such a glamorous life.

Now this happens. Is Chef trying to find a way to get me fired? I thought he liked me, but he’s been so upset with me all day, albeit understandably.

Eyeballing the expensive slab of steak, I select the sharpest knife I can find. I have to get this right. I try to bring my hand up to cut it, but it’s shaky.

“What’s wrong with you today, Ellen?” I jump and toss the knife on the counter in shock when Chef speaks from behind me. “You don’t normally have the problems you’re having today.”

I turn around to face him. He no longer looks mad, but concerned. Perhaps he doesn’t want to fire me. That’s a relief.

“I just have some things going on at home.” I doubt he wants to hear the details of my son’s projectile vomiting last night.

Chef’s brows furrow. “You have a small son at home, right? Is he okay?”

In contrast, my brows lift to my hairline. He’s paid enough attention to know I have a son? There are fifteen other sous chefs in this busy kitchen. There’s hardly time to converse between everything we do. Wiping the shock from my face, I respond.

“Actually, he’s sick. Picked up something from a kid in his kindergarten class and had to stay home today.”

“I assume your husband stayed with him.”

“No husband. My mother has him.”

Chef studies me a bit, then nods to himself. “Take the rest of the day off. I’ll make sure you’re paid. You have been a steady presence in my kitchen, and family comes first.”

Without another word, he walks away. Not believing what just happened, I stare at his back until he turns a corner. After blinking a few times, I remove my apron, and head out the door to take care of Eric.


WotD Wednesday: Miasma

Word of the Day Wednesday: Where I take the word of the day from my calendar and create a Concise Creation (Poem, Song, Flash Fiction, True Story) based off of it.

Today’s Word: Miasma-1. A vaporous exhalation or emanation 2. An atmosphere that depletes, corrupts, or obscures

Though the path before me is straight,
A miasma of doubt obscures my vision.
To my left is temptation.
To my right is pride.
Ahead of me is sacrifice of everything I am
But the reward is everything good and whole.

Temptation to gossip about the fools around me.
Temptation to judge based on appearances.
Temptation to speak the evil my tongue wishes to unleash.

Pride in my abilities and intelligence.
Pride that I do the right thing.
Pride that I would never do what they do.

Sacrifice my selfish constitutions.
Sacrifice the feckless notion that I can do no wrong.
Sacrifice the pedestal I have placed myself upon.

Ahead is freedom.
Ahead is love.
Ahead is peace.

The miasma clears.
I no longer have doubt about what I need to do.

Miasma photo